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Marhab Oil Mills Co. Ltd. It's a family business owned, has been located in Sudan since 1970. We are the largest producer of crude vegetable oil, edible oil and animal feeds products, we are specialized in Sunflower oil, Groundnut oil, Cotton seeds oil and Sesame oil.
Marhab is one of the largest exporters of animal cake, Sesame seeds, crude oil like sunflower and groundnuts. Our strength to give our consumers a fair and good price for all of our products, Marhab is committed to local social responsibility we conduct open and transparent business practice based on ethical values and respect for all employees which reflect to the local environment and community.
Marhab cooking oils are made of 100% pure oil with no additives, so the great flavor of your food always comes through. All Marhab oils are cholesterol free and delicious, and make nutritious and healthy additions to any meal.
Our Facility
Marhab operates a state-of-the-art factory and offices that span 35000 square meter. Which include the Oil mills. Solvent extraction plant, oil refinery plant, dewaxing and bleaching deodorizing unit. complete filling line for Jerrcan, PET bottles and pouches.
Quality Control
Marhab caters to some of the most meticulous companies in the world. Our quality standards meet and even exceed the requirements of our international, national food and pharmaceutical customers.
Each step of our processing is closely monitored by our Quality Control lab. Along with industry standard testing methods, we utilize high-tech equipment.
All products are thoroughly tested before leaving our plant, ensuring conformity to our specifications, and the satisfaction of our customers.
Marhab maintains an ongoing food safety training program with all of our plant employees and supervisors. We safeguard the quality of products, the environment, and hygiene standards by following procedures in compliance with.
Marhab maintains an ongoing food safety training program with all of our plant employees and supervisors