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Our strategic location in Sudan creates several advantages for our customers:
Favorable shipping points
Reliable supply
Continuous, timely access to markets and materials
Our production capacity is 10,000 metric tons (per month) of oil seeds daily, This figure continues to rise steeply. We believe that the world is our marketplace, and that all countries, big and small, can be our partners. In Export, we understand and are familiar with cultural differences and standards in each country. And we are continually developing new products to meet each country's demands.
Marhab serves more than 50% of Sudan domestic edible oil demand.
Our packaging options are as flexible as our delivery terms: bottles, jerry cans or drums, PET, PE or HDPE. What’s more, the attractive, modern look of the labels and packaging helps.

Marhab products sell themselves. We are fully committed to our customers, who we consider our most important assets. We put our pride into the quality of our products, and into every container that leaves our warehouses.