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Satisfying Customer Preferences
At Marhab, we understand that every culture has its own food preferences. We listen to our export customers to better understand their specific needs, such as cultural expectations, religious requirements and taste preferences. With our knowledge, skills and experience, we supply premium oil products that satisfy the demands for different tastes, formulations and packaging--around the world.
Helping our Customers Stay Competitive
Because Marhab Oils is so closely tied to the food industry, we understand what our customers want before they come to us. This is why our latest technology that is earth friendly produces healthier products than most of our competitors.
As a result, we’re developing healthier product that has no preservatives, no genetically engineered seeds, and our oil is naturally pressed, and so that our clients can offer only the best to their clients. Our size is another advantage for our customers. we offer our customers a global view, while remaining flexible enough to partner with them to address more local concerns. Our sales team is supported by a research and development team that can help food processors, foodservice operators, and food distributors improve their existing business and increase their revenue.